Madera was born in 2003 when Iván Gutiérrez and Tadeáš Mesany met at a bar called Duende in Prague and decided to put together a repertoire. In 2005, after playing together for a year, they recorded an album based on that repertoire, inviting several wonderful musicians to participate. They currently perform songs from it – as well as other songs from their own arbor and further afield, too – throughout the Czech Republic.

Iván Gutiérrez
Though his roots are in New York and Bogotá, he settled long ago in Prague, his adopted home, brought by love. He got together with Zuzana Navarová in 1993 and began a fruitful musical partnership that bore three albums – Tres (1995), Sklenená vrba (1999) and Zelené album (2000) – until he left the Czech Republic for an interlude in Madrid, Spain. In 2003, he came back to Prague, where he currently hangs out with friends, does music, translates and teaches composition and philosophy.

Tadeáš Mesany
Studied music in Prague and works as a professional musician. He has performed with several groups (Šum Svistu, Marcipán, Sin Rumbo, jh E.O.S.T.) spanning several genres such as classical, folk, tango and jazz.

David Landštof
Drummer and percussionist David Landštof was born in Bubeneč, Prague, in 1983. He has devoted himself to music professionally since 2001, alternating between different genres. He is a sought-after session musician and often makes guest appearances with many groups. At present he plays with Xindl X, Radůza, Iván Gutiérrez, Eternal Seekers and Petr Linhart& 29 Seiten. He has been working with Lenka Dusilová for 10 years. He plays Sonor SQ2 vintage beech or Hayman (1969) drums, uses Sabian cymbals and Vater drumsticks and other equipment. He has played or plays with Ivan Hlas, Aneta Langerová, Pavel Bobek, Michal Hrůza, Robert Křesťan and Druhá Tráva, Garcia, Marcipán, Sestry Steinovy, Charlie McCoy (US), Tony Trishka (US), Daniel Landa, Tomáš Klus, Niceland, November 2nd, Markéta (LBP), No Heros, Wabi Daněk, Karolína Kamberská, Pavlína Jíšová and others ...

Ondřej Kabrna
Born in 1976, he graduated from high school with a specialization in electronics, and in 1994 went on to study piano at Prague's Jaroslav Ježek Jazz Conservatory, graduating in 2000. In 1999 he started teaching at the conservatory. Ever since he has been making a living doing music – playing, teaching, arranging and composing. He has tried to play and study anything he's found interesting or felt was a good thing. He received his classical training from Professor Jan Vrána and presently advises students of Professor Irina Kondratenko. He learned jazz from Professor Jirí Ružicka, whom he thanks for giving him a solid foundation. In recent years he has been greatly influenced by Ondrej Krajnák from the Budapest Jazz Academy. At present he is a member of the following groups: Ondrej Kabrna Trio – Timeways Project, Petr Kroutil Deborgia, Vladka Bauerová, Luboš Andršt Group, Jana Koubková Kvartet, Trio, Duo a Bohemia Big Band.